Our mission at the Minnesota House of Prayer is to encourage, support, and lift up the individuals God has called to pioneer night and day prayer.

We firmly believe that each city & region will be responsible for getting its own house of prayer up and running. Each house of prayer is independent, unique and different, and reflects the “incense” of the saints in the place in which it was located.


As God raises up the various prayer rooms and prayer houses around the state, MNHOP desires to work with these “fires”, to encourage, support and connect the broader community together.

We will offer help to you in any way that we can.  Whether it involves prayer, encouragement, advice from those who have gone ahead, or help with physical needs, we want to be there to help you along this journey.


Please feel free to contact us.


We want to get to know you.







P.O. Box 13751 St. Paul, MN  55113