In 2005, four couples began to meet together to talk and pray about the establishment of a 24/7 worship and prayer ministry in the Twin Cities.  All of them had been involved in the local prayer movement and had been impacted by the Kansas City International House of Prayer.  As they talked and prayed they began to notice that many prophetic words had been spoken over Minnesota stating that all the cities throughout the state were going to see revival and a move of God’s Spirit. Also, they saw that many smaller cities outside the Twin Cities metro area had already established houses of prayer.  Some were doing live worship weekly or bi-weekly, while others were functioning as prayer boiler rooms. Likewise there seemed to be growing interest in day and night worship and prayer all around the state.


Seeing that God had plans to bring night and day prayer into cities and regions all across the state, the four couples decided to start the “Minnesota House of Prayer”.


Since that time MNHOP has evolved in its structure and blossomed into its position in the state of Minnesota.  The MNHOP leadership team is currently comprised of five active members who travel around the state to the houses of prayer, and facilitate events for the broader house of prayer community.


We aim to encourage, support, and lift up the individuals and communities God has called to raise up night and day prayer in our state.




Until he returns.







P.O. Box 13751 St. Paul, MN  55113